Jewelry Set - Set Global Charming - Kit

5,000.00 TL
Set includes: 1 long chain, 1 short chain, 1 flower of life sphere, 1 issue emblem jewelry. basically one long chain, one short chain that can be used in the size of an anklet or bracelet, a globe made from the symbols of the flower of life, and an endless creativity.
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5,000.00 TL

Set includes: 1 long chain, 1 short chain, 1 flower of life sphere, 1 Affair emblem jewelry.
Jewelry Phrase; basically, it consists of a long chain, a short chain that can be used in the size of an anklet or bracelet, a sphere made of flowers of life symbols, and an issue emblem jewelery with the function of endless creativity or infinity of the effect of the symbol. Of course, you can wear as many symbol jewelry as you want to this set, and it can be used as jewelry wherever you want.

The sphere at the base of the set, with its sacred geometry that contains the secret of the universe, symbolizes life right next to your beating heart. The issue emblem, which refers to the infinity symbol; it serves both for the eternal life of this product, for its endless use, and for increasing the effect of symbols. One big chain and one small chain expands the usage area.
Offering such a wide range of customization options for the first time in Matter, Jewelry Tamper includes hundreds of usage options and styles depending on creativity. The owner decides what the jewelry will say, with symbols chosen according to culture or meaning.
All handcrafted.
Long-lasting and valuable thanks to gold plated over silver.
Necklaces, bracelets, earrings and anklets in one jewellery.
What we could discover :) More than 20 necklace models.
Chain that can be easily cut according to the size and request.
Being able to complete your jewelry with the symbol you want at any time.
15 different symbol jewelry, bearing the meanings of fertility, change, invincibility, continuity, evil eye, soul protector, defence, love, mother's affection, abundance, fortune, luck, peace, mother nature, can be attached to the balls on the chain, that is, to the desired location. Be sure to take a look to complete your jewelry designation with symbols.




Long chain:88-90cm

Short chain: 28-30 cm

Diameter of flower of life sphere: 2.57 cm

Issue emblem jewelry: 0,70 cm X 1.45 cm

Material: 925 sterling silver with 0,50 micron 18 carat gold plated and cold enamel

Care: Avoid contact with water, soap, cosmetics and cleaning materials.

Location: Grand Bazaar, Istanbul

The Matter of Healing in Nature

It is believed that this symbol, which has been found in archaeological studies in many parts of the world and used by almost all monotheistic religions, contains the secret of creation (common on the walls of Egyptian temples, Assyrian palace, Roman columns, Celtic churches, Plato's theories, Da Vinci's sketches, Kabbalah books. It's the only symbol that's ever seen). According to sacred geometry, it includes the forms and proportions of all beings in the universe. It is accepted that this symbol, which is used both in the scientific and spiritual community, contains the secret of life.

The matter:

This human being is weird! He has been pondering the secret of life for thousands of years, and he spends the only life given to him for the secret he cannot find. If you want so much, let us tell you a secret: All living things belong to nature and they carry a piece of it within them. This is why we are fond of trees, sea, sun or rain. The reason for the change they create in our body and soul is because we belong to it. Don't keep it a secret, know, report.

Gift Reason:

It creates a perfect gift item for those who love nature and life, inquisitive characters, and both spiritual and rational people trying to solve the secret of life. Not to mention the physical or spiritual healing and the added value of gold and enamel. When you think of 'get well soon gift, gift for friends, gift for illness, gift from my heart, thank you gift, new job gift, birthday gift, anniversary gift', it immediately comes to mind.
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