PowerDot 2.0 Duo Red

14,000.00 TL
  PowerDot PowerDot is now a member of the Therabody family. What is PowerDot? Retrain your muscles and reshape your recovery process with the world's first Smart Muscle Stimulator, FDA Type 2 Medical Equipment, the smartest muscle stimulator of the healing process. PowerDot, the newest member of the Therabody family; temporary relief of pain, speeding up recovery time, strength...
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14,000.00 TL


Power Dot

PowerDot is now a member of the Therabody family.


What is PowerDot?

FDA Type 2 Medical Equipment, the smartest muscle stimulator of the healing process

Retrain your muscles and reshape your recovery with the world's first Smart Muscle Stimulator.

PowerDot, the newest member of the Therabody family; It is a powerful electric muscle stimulator that is highly effective in temporarily relieving pain, accelerating recovery time, and increasing strength and resistance. PowerDot device, which allows you to use the proven NMES* (muscles) and TENS* (nerves) concepts with its hands-free feature as well as its light and stylish design, temporarily relieves pain by applying TENS protocol, faster recovery using NMES presents; Increases muscle strength and endurance.

NMES* (Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation Stimulation) using small electrical signals; It creates contractions that speed up the muscle recovery process, temporarily reduce pain, and increase muscle strength and endurance.

TENS* (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) temporarily relieves pain in the applied area by stimulating the sensory nerves with electrical vibrations.

PowerDot's Intelligent Recovery AI technology understands your activities and connects to an intuitive mobile app with tailor-made programs designed to assist with proper port placement and density adjustment.


Powerful Benefits of Smart Muscle Stimulation

Accelerates the healing process of muscles
Increases muscle strength and resistance
Temporarily relieves pain


Smarter technology, safer and more effective treatment

Personalized Treatments Based on Your Needs

Design a treatment program that will be tailored just for you, based on your biometric data, recent workouts, areas where you feel pain, and your pain threshold.

Guided Treatments

The most accurate connection placement, intensity level and session duration... Our comprehensive treatment library; guides you through every step of your warm-up, recovery and wellness routines.

Smart Link

PowerDot application; Strava etc. to provide the most accurate personal programs by learning about your daily activities to help you achieve your desired recovery goals and athletic performance. Works with most popular fitness apps.

Progress Tracking

Track your workouts and take control of your wellness routine by monitoring how your body responds to schedules and daily activities.

When to Use PowerDot

Training and Performance

PowerDot creates slow and fast contractions in muscle fibers, creating a training simulation that will improve mobility and increase endurance. These contractions also help deliver oxygen-rich, nutrient-rich blood to painful areas to initiate the healing process.

Natural Pain Relief

TENS temporarily relieves pain by stimulating the sensory nerves and helps the body's natural painkillers, endorphins, to be secreted. By accelerating blood circulation, NMES helps to heal cellular injuries caused by injury or training in your body, and therefore helps to relieve pain.

Injury Rehabilitation 

Many rehabilitation exercises performed by PTs or trainers are aimed at retraining and activating the nerves in the injured area. PowerDot primarily helps reduce atrophy and then retrain muscles during the healing process.


What's in the package

PowerDot 2.0 Duo

Twice the connections, twice the power! PowerDot 2.0 Duo; It provides a more dynamic treatment by stimulating the targeted muscles in two directions at the same time and accelerates the recovery.

Color: Red

2 PowerDot Pod

2 Piece Electrode Pad Set * In terms of health and hygiene, the return of the product whose airtight package has been opened is not accepted.

2 Pieces Cable Sets (2 pieces of 10 cm & 2 pieces of 30 cm)

2 Piece Micro USB Charging Cable

Protective Carrying Case


PowerDot 2.0 Duo Red
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