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Standard / Margami Wooden Yoga Circle

2,900.00 TL
STANDARD - MARGAMI YOGA CIRCLE The yoga circle is an ideal tool to reduce muscle tightness and back pain. It also helps you stretch and deepen your practice. The Margami Yoga Circle is 100% eco-friendly, made from recyclable materials and 100% Handmade. Sustainably sourced beech wood and backed with EVA, Latex-free rubber sponge,...
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2,900.00 TL


Yoga circle, tight in the musclessmay and back ağIt is an ideal tool to reduce the At the same time, stretch and deepen your practice.sit helps you out.
The Margami Yoga Circle is 100% eco-friendly, recyclable
smade from sprouted materialssIt is 100% handmade.

Sustainably sourced beech ağbacked with pain and EVA, Latex-free rubber spongesmanufactured using non-slip corksTruck.



Mushroom 100% fullğtake, renewable and doğThe island can dissolve on its own.

selfğwater-resistant cork provides a non-slip surfaceğs.

Cork is antimicrobial and does not attract dust.

AhsThe ap hoop is 100% handmade and sustainably sourced beechğmade of pains and is extremely durable.

softsThe white sponge does not contain EVA, PVC, Latex or any harmful chemicals. 100% ReturnsMade of sprouted rubbersTruck.

Mushroom sourced from PortugalsTruck.

Margami Yoga Circle designed and manufactured in TurkeysTruck.


Product and Dimension details

32cm diameter / 14cm wideslik / 1,4kg

Top layer: 100% saturatedğhere, thin non-slip cork

5mm thickğ100% return onsbiodegradable and environmentally friendly, PVC and EVA-free.sbacked with white rubbersTruck.

Inside: 10mm thickğThe circle inside is 100% handmade and made of solid beech.ğit is pain.


Caring for Your Yoga Circle

Open your yoga circleğDo not leave it under heavy objects.

IIf needed, gently wipe the cork surface with a damp cloth.

Air dry.





Standard / Margami Wooden Yoga Circle
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