Lavender Candle

2,395.00 TL
Renewed stylish packaging and large sized Zeytune candles. 90 hours burnable, double wick. 450 gr. Zeytune Candle Our Zeytune candles are produced from organic beeswax and extra virgin olive oil in recycled glass glasses from wine bottles. Beeswax is a natural substance produced by honey bees. Our candles burn cleanly and for a long time, using paraffin and toxic substances.
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2,395.00 TL
Renewed stylish packaging and large sized Zeytune candles. 

90 hours burnable, double wick. 

450 gr. 
Olive Candle
Our olive candles are made of organic beeswax and wine made from extra virgin olive oil. 
Produced in recycled glass cups from bottles. beeswax honey 
It is a natural substance produced by bees. Our candles are clean and long 
It does not contain paraffin and toxic substances.
Olive Candles
Zeytune candles are hand poured from organic beeswax and extra virgin 
olive oil We upcycle wine bottles and use the cut glass as a container 
to pour our candles. Beeswax is a natural ingredient made by the honey 
bees. Our candles burn clean and long and do not contain any paraffin or 
toxic ingredients
Aromatic benefits: Relaxes
Aroma profile:
Top note: lemon
Middle note: cedar lavender
Base note: oakmoss
Always keep the wick short, consider the candle and 
We recommend that you do not burn for more than an hour
The story of every good thing begins with love.
Lale Kemali Gonzales expressed her love for olive oil and olive tree domestically. 
and abroad
rewarded with training. Handmade cold method soap making 
A unique brand in Turkey
All fragrant product blended with aromatherapy oils 
He called his scales Zeytune.
collected in the brand. It is still in many elite stores in Turkey and around the world. 
products are sold.
Extra virgin olive oil from the Aegean in Zeytune products from Hatay 
There are bay oil, coconut oil and shea butter.
essential like pure lavender orange lemongrass rosemary clove 
uses oils.
Those that are not included in their products are foam and chemical odorants. 
substances and palm oil.
Plant extracts only to smell good in their soaps and products. 
but also from its therapeutic effects.
uses to take advantage. His mother, who gave this information to him, 
Pharmacist Nazan Kemali's Aromatherapy and
He gained thanks to his phytotherapy expertise.

Lavender Candle
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