Goddess of Change - Bikini

6,950.00 TL
upcycle 80% polyamide 20% elastane GODDESS OF CHANGE -Seed of life - Fire series- Goddess of change, freedom, allowance, maturing, faith, let go, transformation for new beginning,life is colorful awareness time choose love, your acceptance your journey ! enjoy your ride.. Miracle in Water "Words are the vibration of nature,...
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6,950.00 TL

upcycle 80% polyamide 20% elastane






-Seed of life - Fire series-

Goddess of change, freedom, allowance,

maturing, faith, let go, transformation for new beginning, life is colorful awareness time

Choose love, accept your journey! enjoy your ride..


Miracle in Water "Do wordsğtitrate the momentşbookmark so that beautiful words do beautifulğa, ugly words do uglyğcreates a, which is the root of the universe" - Masaru Emoto Su yaşit means am.

From a tiny living organism to the largest living beingğup to biologicalşIt is water that sustains the whole of the ejaculate. Water, which covers almost all of our planet, also makes up an important part of our body.şturns. plain, serene, plain, şeffaf... It's so simple and doneğIt is like water, actually, but it is life itself. source of lifeğis. gave lifeğIt has the power to affect life as well. Water has memory codes. Saves the information. duşunite with our strength and spiritştiğIn it, water gains its true meaning. Whatever wavelength you put on it, it takes on that frequency. diverted your energy to the waterğIn your mind, with your intention, you also destroy all the molecules of water.ğiştremble, trembleşYou raise the bookmark and encode this intention into your body, without realizing itşin fromğişyou cause marks. The pure, water crystals in our brains are actually connected to each other.ğIt is a sacred geometry. This structure, which can convey certain information,şwith our syllables and words şwith a conscious şcreates performance energy.

Taken from the miraculous energy of water and the unique structure of water crystalsğour inspiration brought to lifeğEvery pattern and design in our Miracle in the Water collection comes to life by hand-drawn down to the smallest detail by Nazlı Soylu. improve your artşdrive and turnşCombining its creator power with the transformative energy of water crystals, Miracle in the Water has the power to easily keep up with more than one scenario, while putting forward the pieces that will be indispensable for your summer wardrobe. İreconnect with your inner goddessğ pareos that will help you set up and reflect your aura, ştitrate with t-shirts, kimonos, bikinis and much moreşMake your dreams come true by raising your bookmarkşYou can take a step on the path of improvement and add a holistic dimension to your style. Tencel, fillsens, cotton, returnştypedş spreadable fabric such as polyamide and viscoseşdesigned withğOur purest with Miracle in Water şYou carry the energy of water and art, which are the elixir of performance, in your body.şsay goodbyeğwell...



Exploring emotion through fashion, Lady Faith is a contemporary women's wearable art therapy brand founded by fashion & textile designer Nazli Soylu.

As Lady Faith, we've been tremendously inspired by art and its therapeutic benefits. Transferring her personal art onto stunning fabrics, Nazli blurs the line between fashion and art, enabling people to gravitate towards garments that transform into a means to reflect one's personality into the world while transcending the borders of ephemeral trends.

Inspired by the idea of ​​helping women embrace their feminine energy, Lady Faith aims to motivate its wearers to look inward and awaken the energies that open up new possibilities and thus inspire you to grow further. Using creative techniques to align mind, body, and soul; art therapy helps people better understand their feelings and behaviors, subconsciously pushing them to resolve deeper issues.

Focused on the idea of ​​fashion being so much more than just wearing clothings, Nazli merges artistic and emotional value to create pieces that are far more than just fashion items.

Encouraging people to be one with what they wear, pieces designed by Lady Faith embrace the idea of ​​individuality and wholeness. We believe that style is an extension of who you are. Once you're drawn towards items that call to your soul, it is then that you become one with that item.

Having faith in the idea of ​​a guiding inner spirit, every item within Lady Faith's flamboyant selection tries to connect with your guiding inner spirit. With Lady Faith, we wanted to be so much more than a brand that just adds on to this never ending cycle of consumption. Moving forward with eco-conscious production, Lady Faith introduces the idea of ​​finding associations between our creative choices and our inner self. Positioning ourself as a mindful brand, Lady Faith truly believes in the idea of ​​destiny.

Empowering women to give a chance to their own calling, each Lady Faith item is hand-drawn and designed by Nazli herself, down to the finest detail. With exquisite colors and patterns taking center stage, items within Lady Faith's extraordinary kaleidoscope of designs aim to alter the vibration of whomever carries it, moving them from negative energy to positive.



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